This is the "Original Swiss" Adventure Rooms game that has been enjoyed in over 30 venues around the globe.

You wake up in a mysterious room,  you don't know how you got there, all you know is you have to find a way to escape, you have 60 minutes to get out and the countdown has begun!

Do you accept the challenge?

Standard/Classic format - 2 to 6 Players, one hour of gameplay. Allow 90 minutes to include pre-briefing, gameplay and photos at the end of the game.

The Mad Scientist Duel format - 7 to 12 players

This duel format is where two teams go head to head in two 30 minute sets. Team A has to try solve all puzzles and enter the room of Team B before they solve all their puzzles and escape their room. There is a reset after 30 minutes. Both teams switch rooms and play continues for another 30 minutes. The first team to escape with the overall best time or most puzzles solved wins.



Do you accept the challenge?





You are trapped in the mansion of a mysterious figure, the “Black Queen”.

Each clue you solve will allow you to better understand the Black Queen and bring you a step closer to freedom. You have one hour to make your way through her lair and escape before your time is up....

STANDARD FORMAT ESCAPE ROOM GAME: 2 - 7 PLAYERS. Allow up to 90 minutes for a standard game, with 60 minutes of game play, an introductory briefing and team photo at the end.


This duel format consists of two rounds of 30 min each, where both teams compete at the same time, in the same game. There is a half-time break of about 15 min, before the teams swap positions and play continues for the second half. Allow 1 hour 45 mins, which includes a pre-briefing, gameplay and team photos at the end.