Wheelchair accessibility

AdventureRooms – Cardiff’s only wheelchair accessible escape games 


Our venue is all on ground level with good access right up to our double front doors. Your team will be briefed in our spacious reception which includes lockers to stow any belongings.  We have a fully accessible disabled toilet and also have a narrow wheelchair 24.5 inches available for use if required.

We are continuously working on ensuring our games are suitable for all adventurers please feel free to offer any suggestions to the team whilst on site.


The Mad Scientist

Our Mad Scientist game is 100% wheelchair accessible, the narrowest point of the game is 31.5 inches. Played in its Standard/Classic format the game can easily accommodate 2 wheelchair users either on their own or as part of a team of up to 6.

Played in the Duel format the game can accommodate up to 4 wheelchair users (2 per team) either on their own or as part of two teams totalling 12 players.

If you require more than these numbers or any additional information, please contact us to discuss.


The Black Queen

Our Black Queen game is currently only 80% wheelchair accessible, the narrowest point within the game is 29.5 inches.  If you would like to play, but require any additional information please contact us to discuss.

We are currently in the process of updating this game and hope to have made the game fully accessible by April 2019.



Our MAFIA game is all on one level and wheelchair accessible,  however there is one very narrow doorway (20 inches).  Without giving the game away or spoiling the immersion, our staff can assist with negating this.   If you require any additional information please contact us to discuss.

Wheelchairs must be no more than 28 inches wide to play we do have a narrow wheelchair 24.5 inches here at AdventureRooms which our players are welcome to use.



          We booked AdventureRooms to surprise a friend and therefore needed it to be wheelchair accessible. The Mad Scientist in AdventureRooms was the perfect place for us. Our host was more than accommodating, and she really made our experience the best it could be!

We loved every minute of it and escaped with just 6 minutes to spare! For a bunch of blondies who lack any sort of sense, we really surprised ourselves!

Even when we almost ruined the game by throwing important pieces of the puzzle through the locked gate, our host helped us to ensure we didn’t spend the rest of the 50 minutes of the game behind bars!

I really would recommend this experience to everyone! We’ll totally be going back to do the other puzzle.


          Took my Parents here as they had never been to one before and I’m a little experienced. My Dad is in a wheelchair and we had been told that there should be no problem with him playing the rooms.

We were expecting fun and oh my we got that by the bucket load! The reception was friendly and welcoming, and our host (Tobias) was great in explaining how the room would work and especially helping my Dad into the room.

The room was superb, well designed and the perfect balance between fun and frustrating! The puzzles were well matched to the theme, and are perfect for different types of thinkers. We escaped with 7 minutes to spare!

I would definitely recommend this, I’ve got the adventureroom bug and I can’t wait to go again!